Welcome to the blog of Suchita Vanessa Smith!

I was inspired to share my rich journey of living with the challenges and blessings of Pseudoachondroplasia (a condition with malformed joints afflicted by arthritis and dwarfism) when Ben, the son of a good friend, was diagnosed with a debilitating condition at the age of twenty. Immediately I felt a strong urge to share with him the vital insights I have learnt that have helped me find inner peace, good health and to live a full life.  And the chapters of a book came to me.  So I am writing my book “Little Body Huge Life” and while I continue editing, it is time to share some of it with the world.

Everyone I know has issues with their bodies, mine are just more obvious. Most people do not have a positive relationship with their body, whether it is weight issues, illness, disability or injury. Many who are blessed with a ‘normal’ healthy body just don’t like it or parts of it and they treat it accordingly. Many abuse their body by not taking proper care of it; by not eating well, not exercising enough and imbibing too many toxic substances and then are prone to illnesses, pain or decreased capacity in later life. This has bigger ramifications; as we treat our bodies so we treat mother earth.

With a degenerative condition hanging over me all my life I have had a strong motivation to take good care of my body, keeping it fit and healthy, to stave off the deterioration and a frightening future. What has helped the most has been a profound journey of coming to love and accept myself and the body I was born with, and a deeper journey of the spirit, of getting in touch with that vast part of me which is not the body. Living with the paradox ‘I am not the body but I am’ sums up my journey of taking good care of my body as well as connecting with my inner divine spirit that is untouched by any of my body issues. If I can learn to love and accept my less than perfect body, and myself, then you can too.

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27 Responses to Welcome to the blog of Suchita Vanessa Smith!

  1. Gitika Campbell says:

    Great introduction ,much clarity about where you are headed and inviting to a broad audience.


  2. hyrethek says:

    Welcome to blogworld!! I’ve been slack this week, promise there’s one coming up!


  3. Diane Niyati says:

    I love this! I want to read more!


  4. Sarah Cole says:

    Great start Suchita. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.


  5. vistara says:

    I am touched! I look forward to reading more! Xxxx v


  6. Anatta says:

    You have me as a captivated audience – great stuff!


  7. anudeva says:

    Beautiful, Suchita. I’d like to say that I think of you as a big woman in a small (and challenging) body. I look forward to reading all about your experiences!


  8. nirala hunt says:

    Dearest Suchita how exciting….birthing your ‘baby.’ I am hungry for more of this powerful adventure – your life – that I have been privileged to share in some small way. Go well my friend, xxxx nirala


    • Thankyou Nirala! Yes the labour pains have started! Writing this book is the hardest thing I have ever done, and still a long ways until it is ready for the whole birth. I am heartened by your enthusiasm, thankyou for sharing my journey.


  9. Deirdre says:

    What a treat to open the cover and turn the first page of your book.It is instantly absorbing and this is only the beginning! Congratulations on your courage in opening your personal story to the world.It is going to be a rewarding read to many many people.


    • Thankyou Deirdre, I’m so pleased you find it absorbing. Yes it is a bit daunting revealing such personal stories but if I don’t write with open honesty it won’t be absorbing, so these are my first baby steps.


  10. Shana says:

    Thank You Suchita. Am enjoying it, too. The intimacy of your sharing and the inspiration of your journey. I still remember meeting you and being in awe of your capacity to fully live life, when I met you through our common friendship with Ray, back at the start of the eighties. Is it four planets in Aries .. or five?


  11. Ageha says:

    Sushita – you are an inspiration, a tower of strength inside and out and I admire your wisdom. You are always welcome on my table beautiful woman :)) Love the start of your book!
    With love, Ageha


  12. Ray says:

    I think of you as a Giant personality in small package and love you . Your story deserves to be told and who better to tell it than you. I have been waiting for the book for years and cant wait to see it on the best seller list.


  13. hyrethek says:

    It’s so good reading it again, knowing what’s coming up makes it even better, love the photo, what a sweet kid you were, still a swweetheart xxx


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