About Suchita

Suchita portrait websitesm

Suchita Vanessa Smith is a little woman with big energy. Born with Pseudoachondroplasia, a condition with malformed joints with poor cartialage and shortened bones, at only 133cm height, she has restricted movement and pain in all her joints. She has difficulty walking or standing and doing many things most of us take for granted. More recently Suchita lost some clarity of speech and voice.

Suchita has had various careers and many adventures on her ‘road less travelled’. She has been an Environmental Scientist working in national park management in Western Australia, the producer and presenter of the respected radio programme Full Circle, exploring consciousness, spirituality and wellbeing, on RTRFM 92.1 for fifteen years, and founder/ manager/ DJ of the one-of-a-kind Zorbas Dance Club in Fremantle that continues today. Since the early 1980’s Suchita has been part of the colourful ‘orange’ Osho community of Fremantle; she has travelled to America, tropical island-hopped around South East Asia, lived in India, learnt to scuba dive in Bali, produced a CD, completed a Cert.IV in Screen (Documentary), developed her own business ‘Celebrate a Life on DVD’, and made a positive contribution to the lives of many in her community.


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